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Thurman vs Diaz
ROUND123456789101112 TOTAL
Keith Thurman 10101030
KEITH THURMAN               
Julio Diaz 989 26

Judges Thurman Diaz Draw
Official Result TKO
FightJudge Members 100% 0% 0%

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FightJudge ranks judges by the total points earned from the last 20 fights a judge has scored and ranks prediction leaders from the total points earned in the Prediction League.
Top 5 Judges Top 5 Predictors
Pos Name Points Pos Name Points
1 Spreadking Spreadking 36213 1 Daveydaveydave Daveydaveydave 10150
2 YoungGriffo YoungGriffo 28016 2 Spreadking Spreadking 9930
3 DaveMurphy DaveMurphy 23371 3 DaveMurphy DaveMurphy 9690
4 Jchristmas Jchristmas 23215 4 musciatto musciatto 8910
5 pscherrah pscherrah 14650 5 Jchristmas Jchristmas 8660

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